Code of Conduct Gets Revamp

15 Mar 2006 0 person/people have discussed this topic.

The challenge of influencing boat behaviour at sea goes on…

During the last year, we felt it was time to take a completely fresh look at how we communicate the important messages of the Code to skippers and boat users.

The result can be seen in our new leaflet: “Ceredigion Recreational Boat Users’ Code of Conduct”.

Please pick up a leaflet from Ceredigion’s Coastal Tourist Information Centres or download a copy from below. The Code is basic common sense designed to reduce disturbance to dolphins and porpoise from boating activity. The leaflet opens up into a fun cartoon poster illustrating the main points of the code.

The central message is:

* take it easy whilst out in the Bay and be aware that bottlenose dolphins and porpoise share the same coastal waters.

* Be on the lookout for these protected species and watch your speed.

* The faster you travel the less likely you are to spot them.

* If you do see them, slow down gradually and either stop, or continue maintaining a steady speed and course.

* Don’t approach them – let the animals approach you.

Remember – if you follow these few simple guidelines, our research over the last 12 years has shown that the animals stay around longer and make more approaches to those boats that behave in this way.

The Coast & Countryside Section has been providing information about the Ceredigion Marine Conservation Code of Conduct to skippers over the years in the form of Boat Users Guides and signs at launch sites.

Each summer since 1994, local people have helped out with the Section’s monitoring project, “Dolphin Watch” and we have discovered that more information about dolphins and local boating traffic is needed and further compliance with the code of conduct is required.

The aim of the Section’s work has always been to demonstrate that, with proper management, bottlenose dolphins and boating activity can coexist in the same waters.

Why not visit the Cardigan Bay Boat Place?

This newly opened facility, located on new Quay Pier has been especially designed to enable you to find out more about Ceredigion’s wildlife, where to see it and how to approach it when you encounter it at sea.