Major review of fisheries legislation in Wales announced

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Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones has announced a major review of fisheries legislation in Wales.

The review, which is expected to take up to five years due to the amount of existing legislation, has been established following a number of major changes in fisheries management throughout Wales and the Welsh zone since March this year.

On 31 March 2010, the Welsh zone was created and fisheries functions were transferred to the Welsh Assembly Government in relation to the area of the Welsh zone which lies beyond the territorial sea (i.e. beyond 12nm).

On 1 April 2010 the Welsh Assembly Government assumed responsibility for inshore fisheries management in Wales.

Announcing the review, the Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones said:

“Earlier this year, the Welsh Assembly Government inherited a substantial amount of fisheries management legislation – in excess of two hundred separate items in all.

“This includes legislation made by the Sea Fisheries Committees in Wales, the Environment Agency and the UK Government.

“I am now keen that we take this opportunity to take stock of what we have, how this fits with the objectives of the Wales Fisheries Strategy and whether there are opportunities for streamlining or modernising the existing legislation.

“This why I have commissioned a full review of the sea fisheries legislation which will be fully integrated with the new fisheries stakeholder groups that are in the process of being initiated.”

Fisheries are one of the main activities that impact the wildlife and their habitats found within the Special Area of Conservation so if you are interested in the management of our seas in whatever capacity, do look out for further consultations and make sure that you are part of the conversation.

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SAC Officer  on December 16th, 2010

People have been asking about what is happening with the scallop fishery this year… The new measures brought into effect last season are still in place, although they will be one of the many pieces of legislation being reviewed by this process.

Update January 2011 – WAG have uploaded a number of documents on their website regarding their decisions about scallop fisheries management.