Cardigan Bay Boat Place

In 2006 the Coast & Countryside Section of the County Council opened an exciting display area on New Quay pier: the Cardigan Bay Boat Place. Packed with interesting and innovative displays, boat users can discover more about the wildlife of Cardigan Bay and how to make the most of their experience at sea. Information about the Dolphin Watch monitoring is also on display.

A remote camera at Birds Rock transmits live images to a screen in the Boat Place – you can even take control and move the camera and zoom it in – seals are regularly seen, even dolphins if you are very lucky…

There is a listening station where you can hear recordings of the clicks and whistles of the Cardigan Bay dolphins; or you can listen to the story of Dixie the Dolphin.

You can also take a ships wheel and play the Marine Code game. This fun game for young and old gives you an opportunity to find out what you should do when you encounter dolphins, seals and other marine wildlife out at sea.

The Boat Place is open at weekends and during school holidays from 1st May to 30th September, from 11am to 5pm.