Volunteers make a huge contribution to conserving Cardigan Bay’s marine environment. Why not join the team and get involved in activities such as helping us collect valuable data about dolphins, clearing litter from beaches and raising awareness about the importance of our local environment.


Dolphin Watch

For those that can spare 2 hours a week in the summer months and like the idea of seeing dolphins in the wild on a regular basis why not take part in ‘dolphin watch’? You will be part of a dedicated team studying the relationship between local boating traffic and bottlenose dolphin site usage which helps us make considered decisions about the way we manage recreational activities. Full training is available, and someone will always be on call to help you out.

For more information contact the Cardigan Bay Marine Protected Area Officer, Melanie Heath on  melanie.heath2@ceredigion.gov.uk or call 01545 561074.

Boat Place and boat patrols

Ceredigion County Council runs a small wildlife and boating information centre on the harbour at New Quay (the Cardigan Bay Boat Place), a patrol boat to promote the code of conduct and wildlife friendly boating, coordinates Dolphin Watch, and runs a series of school visits, guided walks and shore events focusing on marine wildlife.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with all of these programmes, working with the Council’s small but friendly conservation team in New Quay. The programmes will be running from May to the end of September. A number of positions are available and we are looking for a minimum commitment of two hours per week, but if you have more time available, we are particularly keen to hear from you.

We are looking for reliable, confident people with excellent interpersonal skills. It would be great if you have a good knowledge of our coastal wildlife, but don’t worry if you don’t feel confident in that respect – we are more than happy to help you get up to speed. To help with the boat you must be a confident swimmer, fit and healthy; again, don’t worry if you don’t have experience as basic training is provided.

Call Melanie Heath on 01545 561074 or email melanie.heath2@ceredigion.gov.uk for more information.

Adopting a Beach

Want to play a bigger role in maintaining the quality of your local coastline?

We provide support to community members wanting to be involved in safe, enjoyable conservation activities to improve and enhance their local stretch of coastline. If you would like help organising a litter pick on your local beach, please get in touch with us; we will complete all risk assessments for you and provide all the equipment needed.
Please contact the Cardigan Bay Marine Protected Area Officer, Melanie Heath, melanie.heath2@ceredigion.gov.uk or call 01545 561074.