Wildlife at Sea

Boat users:

you can make a real difference!

We are well aware that boats have been used in Cardigan Bay for hundreds of years and the dolphins and other wildlife have not been driven away. So why is it only recently that boat users are being asked to follow a code of conduct? The main reason is due to the increased number of fast, highly manoeuvrable vessels now using the area, which if driven irresponsibly, have the potential to disturb local wildlife and even cause direct harm.

The code of conduct sets out sensible guidelines that if followed will ensure the safety of you, the boat users, while minimising disturbance to wildlife and ensuring that the UK laws protecting it are not broken. We thank you for your co-operation.

Safety at sea

MARINECALL: Marinecall gives up to date recorded weather forecasts for inshore waters of the Irish Sea Contact 09068 500 460.

RNLI Sea Equipment Advisory Check: Sea Check offers leisure craft owners a free safety equipment check. Contact 0800 328 0600 to arrange a Sea Check appointment.

Coastguard Yacht and Boat Safety Scheme: Before sailing inform your shore contact of your return time. If you are overdue, the Coastguard can then be informed. The Milford Haven Coastguard covers the Ceredigion Coast Contact 01646 690909.

Copies of the ‘Safety on the Sea’ booklet are available from Ceredigion Harbour Offices.

RYA Training Courses: Contact the RYA for a list of Sea Schools near you 01703 627400.

For more information please contact Melanie Heath, the Cardigan Bay Marine Protected Area Officer on:
E mail: melanie.heath2@ceredigion.gov.uk
Telephone: 01545 561074
Letter: SAC Office, Cardigan Bay Boat Place, The Pier, New Quay, Ceredigion