Doing your bit

Why not take a closer look at the issues highlighted below and see what you can do to help us protect the dolphins and other wildlife of the Bay.






Report it! Have you seen any unusual species out at sea or on the SAC beaches? If so - why not report your sighting and help with the important task of monitoring species abundance and migration along our coasts. Please email Melanie Heath, Cardigan Bay Marine Protected Area Officer, at  You can also contribute to the MarLin website which gives updated information on many marine UK species (recording hotline – 01752 255026).

Strandings: Please report any live strandings to the Welsh RSPCA at 0300 1234 999. Please report any dead strandings to Rod Penrose of Marine Environmental Monitoring 01348 875000. For more information please click here and download a strandings leaflet.





Litter, litter, litter: We all hate it, so let’s beat it!

No one likes to see litter on our beaches. Not only is it unattractive, but some of our best loved marine wildlife is under threat from the increasing amounts of litter in our seas, and every year hundreds of animals die from entanglement in or ingestion of litter, especially plastic waste. Litter can also release toxic chemicals into the environment that can bioaccumulate in the food chain affecting the immune system and fertility of top predators such as marine mammals.

Unfortunately, there is a clear trend that litter on our coastline is getting worse. The Marine Conservation Society (  Beachwatch results for 2017 are now in, with an average of 718 litter items per kilometre collected by Beachwatch volunteers on UK beaches, a 10% increase on 2016 results.

By taking two simple steps you can help us to keep the local environment clean and safe for both our benefit and that of local wildlife.

  • Dispose of litter carefully – please use bins provided or take your rubbish home. Make sure you re-use or recycle what you can.
  • ‘Adopt’ your favourite beach or stretch of coastline, please get in touch with us  if you would like help to organise a litter pick on your local beach.

Have your say! tell us what you think.

The good management of Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation needs the input of those people who know and treasure it. Whether you live on its shores, earn a living from its waters or value its wildlife we want to hear from you. From the initial planning stages to the present day the relevant authorities  responsible for the management of the SAC have recognised the importance of public involvement and support. Everyone’s views are welcomed so please contact us with any comments or questions that you may have.

As a first point of contact please get in touch with Melanie Heath, Cardigan Bay Marine Protected Area  Officer on:

E mail:
Telephone: 01545 561074
Letter: SAC Office, Cardigan Bay Boat Place, The Pier, New Quay, Ceredigion.

Thank you very much for your concern.