Management Structure

Managing the Cardigan Bay SAC

The term Competent Authorities (CAs) includes any statutory body or public office exercising legislative powers, whether on land or at sea in the UK.

The management of the SAC is carried out by 9 CAs named Relevant Authorities (RAs). They each have powers or functions which have, or could have, an impact on the site. Whilst they are not required to create a management Scheme each RA is individually responsible for complying with the Habitats Regulations within its particular remit. However, by jointly preparing, implementing and reviewing a Management Scheme, RAs can more effectively achieve the aims of the Habitats Directive.

To this end the RAs for the site have formed the Cardigan Bay SAC Relevant Authorities Group (RAG). This Group has no additional powers but serves to ensure that all RAs contribute to develop and implement the Management Scheme. This joint approach also enables effective communication with local people and other interested parties about the Scheme as a whole (see image below for the Liaison structure).

The Relevant Authorities (RA) of the Cardigan Bay SAC are:

  • Ceredigion County Council (CCC)
  • Natural Resources Wales (NRW)
    Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW)
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA)
  • Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC)
  • Trinity House Lighthouse Service (THLS)

Plans and Project (P&P) Procedures

One of the tools that the Habitats Directive has put in place to manage the SAC is the Plan and Project (P&P) procedure. This applies to any activity and development which requires some form of consent, permission or license from a CA or RA. If it can not be ruled out that the development may have an adverse effect on the features of the SAC, the CA or RA is required to carry out an Appropriate Assessment (AA) and take advice from the statutory nature conservation agency (in Wales this is CCW) as to whether the development can go ahead, and if so under which conditions.

Download the management scheme.

To download a copy of the original Management Plan established in 2001 please click here.